The Hand Up Project


We offer the following assistance:

  • Getting off the streets
  • Getting a meal
  • Getting a shower
  • Clean clothes
  • Clean safe bed
  • Enrolling in insurance programs
  • Enrolling in SNAP programs
  • Enrolling in detox and treatment programs
  • Finding child care to ensure employment security
  • Employment services
  • Criminal past assistance


If someone is struggling with addiction issues we assist in finding them a bed at a treatment facility.  Once they complete their treatment program they can return to The Hand Up Project for a two-year program.

.Our program includes:

  • Assessments:  Field assessments for determining the client's needs.
  • Accountability: Holding the willing to a level of healthy expectations.
  • Assistance: Giving a hand up and walking the willing through the process for success.
  • Housing:  A safe, supportive community.
  • Transportation:  Assisting people get to resources.

To ensure the safety and success of the residents, the clients will undergo regular drug screenings and evaluations with a zero-tolerance policy.

The goal is after a two-year maximum stay, the clients are well enough to have an income and a safe place to live off the streets.


Community and Service

The Hand Up Project is ultimately about healthy communities.  We work toward healthy communities in the following ways:

  • We provide healthy communities and support to those we serve in our two-year program.
  • We perform outreach to homeless encampments, providing food and making people aware of available resources.
  • We clean up homeless encampments.
  • We collaborate with other organizations to facilitate recovery for our clients.
  • We empower our clients to provide community services throughout Snohomish County, leading them to provide a hand up to others.