New (To Us) Vehicle!

The Hand Up Project is pleased to be the recipient of a used vehicle through Community Transit’s Van Go program.  This year 33 groups submitted applications in the competitive grant program.  The Hand Up Project is one of 12 recipients that will use the retired vanpool vans and paratransit mini-buses to help people in the community.


In 2012 Robert Smiley was seriously working the Alcoholics Anonymous Program for the first time.  He had spent most of his life drinking, drugging, violent, in and out of prison, and at times homeless.  He had tried AA and getting sober before, but sobriety was fleeting.  This time, he was just tired.  Tired of hustling for his next high, tired of being separated from his wife, tired of everything.  He started attending smaller AA meetings, where people talked about how they were using the AA steps, getting through their days, sometimes getting tripped up, but always getting back to the ste