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I Have a BA in Human Services and have Certificates in a number of areas such as Basic and Family Mediation, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education in Anger Management and in Parenting Education (STEP) along with a number of years experience as a Visitation Supervisor.

I am trained as guardian ad litem in titles 11, 13 & 26. I have been on the list of approved title 26 guardian ad litem since 2000 and served as a volunteer guardian ad litem from 1998-2008.
I have an abiding interest in children and their rights and needs; I have sufficient listening, speaking, and writing skills to successfully conduct interviews, and prepare written reports. I have knowledge and an appreciation of the ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds of the population to be served. I have the ability to relate to a child, family members, and professionals in a careful and confidential manner; exercise sound judgment and use good common sense; and successfully discharge the duties assigned by the court. I have satisfactorily completed the pre-service training requirements set forth, and I have demonstrated a comprehension of the responsibilities of guardians’ ad litem as set forth in the Rules of Guardian Ad Litem Procedure.
I have not have been involved in any conduct or activity that would interfere with my ability to discharge the duties assigned by the court; I am in good standings and I have never been removed from the list of approved guardians ad litem following an unsatisfactory performance evaluation

Prior to performing of my responsibilities of a guardian ad litem, I took an oath and at the time I was placed on a list of approved guardian ad litems. A copy of this signed oath is retained in my guardian ad litem file.

General Responsibilities
As a guardian ad litem I shall advocate for the best interests of the child
I will have sufficient contact with the child to ascertain the best interests of the child. The frequency and duration of contact will vary from child to child depending upon the nature of the case, the age of the child, and the needs of the child as there is no specific benchmark with respect to frequency of contact
As a guardian ad litem I shall exercise independent judgment, gather information, participate as appropriate in negotiations, and monitor the case, which activities must include, unless specifically excluded by the court, reviewing relevant documents; meeting with and observing the child in the home setting and considering the child's wishes, as appropriate; and interviewing parents, caregivers, and others with knowledge relevant to the case.
As a guardian ad litem I shall, as appropriate to the case, and as required by rule or law, make written and/or oral reports to the court regarding the best interests of the child, including conclusions and recommendations and the facts upon which they are based.
As a guardian ad litem I shall complete work in a timely manner, and advocate for timely court reviews and judicial intervention, if necessary.
As a guardian ad litem I shall maintain the confidentiality of information related to a case, with the exception of sharing information as permitted by law to promote cooperative solutions that are in the best interests of the child.
As a guardian ad litem I shall, during service as a guardian ad litem, keep all records, notes, or other information confidential and in safe storage. 

At the conclusion of service, I shall keep or destroy the notes and records in accordance with the requirements of the guardian ad litem program.
As guardian ad litem I shall complete continuing education requirements, and seek advice as necessary from the program coordinator
As a guardian ad litem I shall treat all individuals with dignity and respect while carrying out my responsibilities.
As a guardian ad litem shall use the guardian ad litem appointment and authority appropriately to advocate for the best interests of the child, avoid any impropriety or appearance of impropriety, and not use the position for personal gain.
As a guardian ad litem I shall comply with all state and federal laws regarding the reporting of child abuse and/or neglect.
As a guardian ad litem shall ensure that the appropriate appointment and discharge documents are timely filed with the court.


Retainer for 1st 40 hours $3,000.00 which is to be paid by cashier’s check upon appointment & prior to acceptance of case. Billed at: $75.00 per hour. 

An itemized billing will be provided to the financial responsible party monthly or at close of case if less than 45 days

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