About Us

The Hand Up Project is an advocacy group for the homeless and those who suffer from addiction. We are a resource facilitator for safe housing, detox, mental health support, addiction support, and community services.

We work for healthy communities in the following ways:

  • By providing outreach to homeless encampments.  We perform group outreaches in homeless encampments in Snohomish County, providing food and guiding people to available resources.
  • Cleaning up homeless encampments.
  • Assisting those in poverty to connect with resources at a weekly community breakfast.
  • Assisting people struggling with addiction to get into detox and on the road to recovery.
  • Providing safe community for people in recovery, including housing assistance and accountability.

We work closely with Safe Baby Safe Mom, Hand in Hand, Trinity Lutheran Church, and many more organizations throughout Snohomish County.

We provide a hand up to those we serve, supporting them as they work through the underlying issues that were a factor in becoming homeless, and empowering and leading them to contribute back to the greater community.